Antler Art

Welcome to Sheds & Shades Antler Art

We are manufacturers of high quality and hand-crafted antler lighting fixtures and chandeliers. We design and create functional works of art for every room in your home that are sure to catch anyone’s eye. We specialize in antler lighting, and antler art.

Using naturally shed antlers, we can create an originally arranged, unique work of art that will be perfect for your home. We handcraft with original style and design. We enjoy coming up with distinctive products and ideas so you will get exactly what you are looking for. We are creating an heirloom quality product that you will be able to pass down for generations. Our products are created with the utmost consideration for quality, appearance, function, and beauty.

The antlers we use are whitetail deer and elk. We will even make a chandelier out of antlers you already have if you are trying to save some money or just have some around that have special meaning to you. If you provide your own antlers we will give you 40 percent off our standard retail prices.

Some of the products we make are low-profile chandeliers that fit great in small spaces and areas with low ceilings, table lamps, floor lamps, wine bottle holders, candleholders, sconces, and coat/hat racks.

We fit the antlers together like a puzzle to make sure they are balanced and the colors match. We work very hard to make each chandelier aesthetically pleasing, balanced and appreciated by an artistic eye.

We encourage you to give Peggy Lane our Antler Artist a call at – 641-683-6150 or e-mail us at

Table Lamps –Our table lamps vary widely in price, size, and shape. We make them with all types of antlers in many different sizes. Each lamp comes with a rawhide shade.

Chandeliers – This is a popular design for low-ceiling areas. This whitetail design allows for those with lower ceiling space to enjoy one of these beautiful pieces. This can be made in many different sizes.

Floor Lamps – Our floor lamps are generally made with elk antlers because of their size, shape, color, and beauty, but we can make floor lamps out of any other type of antler as well. Our floor lamps are very sturdy and beautiful. Some floor lamps feature designs that arch over a reading area for added light. Again each lamp comes with a rawhide shade.

The Grizzly Claw – This is a great chandelier for areas with low ceiling heights. It is made from a single elk antler with 3 – 5 lights. Trophy sized antlers are also available. This design looks great in hallways and dining areas with low ceilings.